Freshie Juice... Bound By Magic

25 photos; 14:20 video


starring Freshie Juice

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Ballgag, Magic, Progressive Tie, BBW


Aspiring witch Freshie Juice has all of her magic books & elements spread out before her on the floor, and she's anxious to try out her first spell! She picks up a book & thumbs through it, wondering which type of spell she should start with. Hmmm... she spies a binding spell, and decides that that's the one she's gonna try first. She's completely dedicated to her craft, so it just makes sense to bind herself to it. She picks up some wish paper & a lighter, makes her wish & lights the paper on fire. With a "whoosh!", the paper goes up in flames & disappears. Freshie feels something on her ankles, and notices that a piece of rope is now tightly bound around them. Frustrated because that's not what she meant at all, Freshie tries to untie the rope, but the stubborn knot won't untie. She tries to pull the rope off, but it won't budge. Fine, she thinks, I'll just try another spell & remove it. Freshie confidently picks up the wish paper once more, lights it on fire & watches it as it dances in the air. Another "whoosh!", and it's gone. She looks at her ankles to see if the rope is gone, but notices that another piece of rope has bound her knees! Freshie gives an exasperated sigh, picks up a spell book, and decides to tackle this another way. She finds what she's looking for, says the magic words out loud, and voila! Freshie puts down the book & really begins to freak out. A huge ballgag is now in her mouth & strapped to her head. She frantically tries to unbuckle it & remove it, but just like the rope, it is enchanted & not budging. Making a last ditch effort to free herself from her predicament, she grabs the wish paper once more, screams some words through her gag, lights it on fire & hopes for the best. Another "whoosh!", and now Freshie is really screwed. Her elbows & wrists are pinned tightly behind her back & held there with rope. Freshie freaks out, and begins to struggle to try & free herself from her binds. She rolls over on her stomach, then her back, knocking over her items. She screams for help, but her words are muffled & subdued through the ballgag.

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