Dawn Isabella... Asleep On The Job

29 photos; 16:03 video


starring Nyxon & Dawn Isabella

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Disco Pants, Satin Blouse, Frogtie, Ballgag, Tapegag, Onscreen Gag, Layered Gag, Struggle, Sleep Fetish

Dawn Isabella has just retrieved an important hard drive from a rival agency, and sits down on her couch to relax after her mission. Suddenly, there's a "whoosh" & then a dart sticking out of her neck. Her eyes go wide as she grabs her neck, but suddenly she starts to feel very very sleepy. She fights to stay awake, but her heavy eyelids close & she falls back limp onto the couch. Nyxon, a top operative from the rival agency, creeps onto the couch right next to Dawn. She checks to make sure she's fast asleep, then grabs some rope out of her bag. When Dawn comes to, she finds herself tightly frogtied with her hands bound behind her back, and a blue ballgag in her mouth. She struggles & screams, but it's to no avail. Nyxon, who has been looking for the stolen hard drive, sits down next to Dawn & taunts her a bit. Dawn continues to scream through the ballgag, so Nyxon takes some vet wrap, and wraps it tightly over the ballgag & around her head. Now, with Dawn more muffled, Nyxon can continue to search for the hard drive & bring it back to her agency.

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