Lauren Phillips... Try Something Unexpected

44 photos; 25:56 video


starring Nyxon & Lauren Phillips

Bondage, Rope Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Gagged Women, Spoon Gag, Ball Gag, Onscreen Gag, Gag Exchange, Stripping, Redhead, Struggle, Satin Blouse


*this is a custom clip
A young girl, Lauren Phillips, arrives at the office of a company to apply for a new job that had been in the local advertisements. "Try Something Unexpected" was the title, and she wants to know what is it about. Plus, she could really use a new job. The female manager, Nyxon, welcomes her and tells her that she wants to ask her some questions about her skills, but this will start in a few minutes. In the meantime, she should wait in the office. As soon as the young girl is alone, she looks around and gets more and more curious about the office. She opens the desk drawers and finds - surprise - a bondage magazine. Just then, Nyxon returns and is pretty upset the the desk drawers have been opened. She tells Lauren that this is a serious loss of trust, but on the other hand, she likes the interest of the new girl. Nyxon tells her that she will be punished for snooping around, but also will get the opportunity show her skills during the punishment. If she is successful, she still could get the job.
Lauren tells her that she really needs the job and would accept any punishment. Since she already saw the magazine, she adds, if this has something to so with bondage or so, she could be very tough and she is sure to be able to handle lots of tight ropes. Nyxon agrees and tells her to undress. Lauren may keep on her lingerie;  this is just to make sure that there are no hidden tools or something like that. Nyxon leaves, and Lauren removes her skirt & blouse. When Nyxon returns, she has a huge bundle of white ropes, and Lauren is a little bit taken aback.
"Do you really want to use all these ropes on me" , she asks, but Nyxon tells her, that this is
also a part of checking her skills.
In the next scene, Lauren is tied securely with lots of rope, and sitting in the office chair. Nyxon takes a look at her, and tells her she will be gagged with two different gags, to see how she can handle them. Then, the manager will decide, which of the two gags will be used for the final examination.
She shows her the two gags - a spoon which will be stuffed into her mouth and attached with a long stripe of white cloth, and a reasonably big ballgag. First, the spoon is stuffed into her mouth and tightly attached. Nyxon tells her that she should try to spit out the gag, and the girl tries, but she fails. Nyxon removes the spoon gag, then puts the ballgag into her mouth and pulls the straps very tight. Again, Lauren is told to try to remove the gag, but again she fails. Lauren's task is to now move to the desk, open the drawer and bring the magazine to the manager. Lauren, still motivated to get the job, tries to make the way to the other side of desk, leaning to the desk and hopping around it. She succeeds to open the drawer and to take out the magazine. Nyxon congratulates her and tells her that she now passed through the test and could start her new job. But there is still the matter of the punishment, and this means that the ropes will stay on her, also the gag.
"I will go to lunch, and the best restaurant for lunch is about one hour from here.
So I'll be back in three, maybe four hours; and since your are tied up and gagged, this will prevent you from fooling around here.And to make it enough 'comfortable' for you, you will have to lie down on the floor. This is just to make sure you don't fall and hurt yourself." Nyxon then lays Lauren down onto the floor & leaves her there to struggle while she heads out for lunch.

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