Ivory Soles... Naive Babysitter Tricked & Tied

27 photos; 18:51 video


starring Ivory Soles

Bondage, POV, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Ballgag, Tape Gag, Hogtie, Spread Eagle Tie, Sheer Pantyhose, Satin Panties


*this is a custom clip

Babysitter Ivory Soles is having a hard time getting her charge to go to bed, so she decides to play a game with him. If she lets herself get tied up, then he will go to sleep. She let's him tie her wrists behind her back & her ankles together (off screen), and after some playful banter with him, she tells him it's time to let her go & to go to bed. Instead of bring untied, poor Ivory ends up hogtied on the floor with a large ballgag in her mouth. She struggles hard & demands to be let go, but her words are muffled through the gag.

The scene then cuts to Ivory tied spread eagle on the bed. Her dress is removed, and she's wearing only a bra, pantyhose & a pair of shiny satin panties. A piece of duct tape has been placed over her mouth. Embarrassed that she allowed herself to be put into this situation, Ivory begs & pleads to be let go. She struggles & pulls on her ropes, when suddenly we hear the door open, and the parents walk in (off screen). A hot wave of humiliation washes over Ivory as she stares helplessly at her charge's parents.

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