Dacey Harlot... Tinder Hunting Ground

32 photos; 18:12 video


starring Nyxon & Dacey Harlot

Bobdage, Struggling, Disco Pants, Panty Gag, Mouth Stuffing, Tape Gag, Onscreen Gag, Struggling, Damsel In Distress


Dacey Harlot has been using Tinder for random hookups, and she's extra excited when a hot girl that's she's "super liked", matches with her. She wastes no time in sending her a message, and agrees to meet up with her for a quick illicit encounter, that evening. Of course the girl, Nyxon, has ulterior motives. She's prepared a special drink for Dacey, and when she arrives, she tells her to drink it up. Dacey obliges, and soon is feeling a bit woozy. She falls back limp onto the couch, and Nyxon moves on to phase 2 of her plan. When Dacey awakens, she finds herself tied up tightly with rope. She struggles to try & get free, but Nyxon tells her that she's not going anywhere. Then, Nyxon removes her panties, balls them up & shoves them into Dacey's mouth. She wraps clear tape around Dacey's head so that she can't spit them out. Next, she explains to Dacey that she should be a bit more discerning about who she meets up with from Tinder. You never know who is going to trick you, tie you up & sell you into white slavery. Dacey's eyes go wide & Nyxon leaves her to struggle while she arranges things with the transport van.


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