Nika Venom... Babysitter vs The Henchman Starter Kit

14 photos; 17:24 video


starring Nika Venom

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Shiny Pantyhose, Shiny Panties, Disco Pants, Self Gagging, Cleave Gag, Elbows Together


*this is a custom clip

Babysitter Nika is on the couch with a large cardboard box beside her. She notices that the box is addressed to her charge, Henry, and calls out to him. When he walks into the room, she reminds him that his mother forbid him from ordering things from the back of comic books, but tells him that she won't tell her if he washed & details her car. Henry agrees, and scampers off to attend to the car.

While Henry is outside, Nika is curious about what's in the box, and decides to open it up to investigate. She pulls out a few white rope bundles, bandanas, ball gag, neatly folded white cloth, a brown bottle, and a hypo needle. She pulls out a letter & reads it aloud, "Congratulations on your purchase of the BG Comics Henchman Starter Kit. Inside, you have everything you need to capture & tie up your favorite heroine, teacher or babysitter. Good luck & happy hunting".

This kind of intrigues & turns Nika on, and she figures that Henry will be washing her car for hours, so she decides to play with the stuff. She strips out of her street clothes, leaving her standing in the living room in just her bra, pantyhose & satin panties. She sits down on the couch, picks up a bandana & cleave gags herself with it. Then, she uncoils the ropes.

The next scene has Nika tied up tight with her elbows cinched together behind her back. She's writhing in a slow seductive trance of pleasure. She doesn't notice Henry watching her right away, but she eventually sees him & snaps out of it. He pulls the bandana out of her mouth, and Nika admits that she was enjoying it. She tells him that there's one thing she just can't figure out, and that's what's inside the brown bottle. Henry tells her that it's laughing gas, and Nika tells him that she'll try it. Henry grabs the white cloth & holds it up to Nika's face. Instantly, she can tell that it's not laughing gas, but by then it's too late.

When she wakes up, she tied spread eagle to a bed with the white cloth over her nose & mouth, and tied to her with a pair of pantyhose. Nika can't seem to fully wake up, so she slowly gyrates on the bed as she drifts in & out of sleep.


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