Nyxon... Cartel Girlfriend Taken Interrogated & Tortured

9 photos; 19:18 video


starring Nyxon & Jerry Badman

Bondage, Strappado, Forced Orgasm, Bound Orgasm, Big Tits, Struggling, Damsel In Distress

Nyxon's boyfriend is the head of one of the largest drug cartels, and he owes the Badman a lot of money. Angry that he hasn't gotten paid what he's owed, the Badman decides to teach the cartel head a lesson by taking his girlfriend & torturing her. Poor Nyxon was relaxing by the pool of a fancy hotel, just minding her own business, when the Badman picked her up & carried her off to his lair. He pushes her into the room, her arms already tied tightly behind her back, and demands to know where her boyfriend is. Nyxon tells him that he's away on a business trip, but that's all she knows. Not buying it, the Badman shoves a gag into her mouth & tells her that her day is about to get much worse. He wrenches her arms up in a high strappado, the ties her legs tightly together at the knees & the ankles. Nyxon screams through her gag, and the Badman unties her bikini top, exposing her huge tits. He feels her up for a minute, then unties her bikini bottoms & tells her that he has something else for her. Nyxon struggles & begs to be let go, but when the Badman returns with a vibrator, she knows she's in for it. He jams the vibrator onto her pussy & vibes her until she has an explosive orgasm. He then looks at the humiliated & defeated Nyxon & tells her that he'll deal with her in the morning. He then leaves her there to struggle all night long.

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