Nyxon & GiGi... Quarantine Quarrel


starring Nyxon & MILF GiGi

Bondage, Rope Bondage, Elbows Together, Ballgag, Struggling, Damsel In Distress


The quarantine is just about over, and Nyxon hasn't told her land lady that she's gone back to work yet. Her land lady, MILF GiGi, made an agreement with her that while Nyxon was out of work, she didn't have to pay her rent. GiGi has been calling & texting Nyxon to find out her work status, but Nyxon keeps dodging the calls. Finally, determined to get her rent, GiGi shows up at Nyxon's door & confronts her. Nyxon stammers & tells GiGi that she hasn't gone back to work yet, and she'll need another 30 day extension on her rent. GiGi tells her that she's had long enough, and it's time to pay up. Nyxon offers GiGi a refreshing drink, and soon GiGi is resting on the couch. When she opens her eyes again, GiGi finds herself tied with rope & Nyxon shoving a big white ballgag into her mouth. Nyxon explains to GiGi that she's not going to be paying rent for a little while longer, and if she doesn't do as she's told, Nyxon will invite her thug friends over to play.


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