Nyxon... Bitch Gets Ziptied By The Cable Guy


starring Nyxon

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Zipties, Tape Gag, Onscreen Tie, Onscreen Gag, Groping, Big Tits


*This is a previously released clip that has been re-worked & re-edited in 1080p

Nyxon has been waiting for the cable guy all day, and now she's late for her date. When he finally arrives, she bitches at him for not being on time & tells him to hurry the fuck up. The cable guy doesn't appreciate her bitchy attitude, and when he's had enough of her & her mouth, he grabs her & throws her onto the ground, overpowering her. He grabs some long, black zipties from his work back, and as she struggles to get away, he wrenches her arms into a tight reverse prayer, and secures the ziptie tight. He zipties her ankles, knees, and then bends her into an excruciating hogtie. Nyxon screams out in pain & tells him that he better let her go, or else, but he just laughs at her & pulls a roll of black electrical tape out of his bag. He grabs her head & wraps a tight cleave gag around her, causing her much pain. To further add to her humiliation, he rolls her over, pulls out her huge tits, and gropes her. Finally, he pulls out his phone & starts taking video of her to show the guys down at the office. The last scene, shot in POV, shows him taunting her from behind his phone, and then leaving her there to struggle.


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