Nyxon Nyssa & Leya... Human Bondage Centipede


starring Nyxon, Nyssa Nevers & Leya Tanit

Bondage, Rope Bondage, Struggling, Onscreen Tying, Onscreen Gag, Mouth Stuffing, Tape Gag


*This is a previously released clip that has been re-worked & re-edited in 1080p

Foreign exchange students Nyxon, Nyssa & Leya were having a good time at the local club, when suddenly they found themselves nude, frogited, and in a tight, excruciating connected crotch rope predicament. The girls struggle hard trying to get free, but the only thing they succeed in doing is working that crotch rope deeper, and deeper into their pussies. They beg to be let go, but the man just calmly stuffs their mouths with some large sponges & securely wraps some tape around their heads so that they don't spit them out. He tells them how they're going to be sold into sex slavery, and that right now he's just prepping them for their new lives as sex slaves. The girls squeal & struggle harder, but the man just laughs & tells them that he's going to pull the transport van around so that they can start their new lives as soon as possible.



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