Nyxon & Londyn... Wicked Witch Tricks Greedy Slut


starring Nyxon & Londyn

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, Hogtie, Mouth Stuffing, Tape Gag, Onscreen Gag, Onscreen Hogtie


*This is a previously released clip that has been re-worked & re-edited in 1080p

It's Halloween, and Londyn is out trick or treating as a very promiscuous school girl. She knocks on a door, and a very bitchy witch answers, giving Londyn the once over. "Oh great! Another slutty costume. This time, it's a school girl!", says the witch. She tells Londyn that the treats are inside, and to follow her. Naive Londyn walks right into the witches house, and follows her hand to the treat basket. She greedily fills up her bag with most of the witches treats & is so engrossed in the candy that she doesn't notice the witch sneaking up behind her. The witch places her hand over Londyn's mouth & laughs as Londyn struggles.

The next scene opens up with Londyn sitting on the couch tightly tied with ropes. The witch cackles at her & tells her that Halloween is for little people, not for greedy sluts who run around half naked & take all of the candy. She pulls of Londyn's thong & shoves it into her mouth. Next, she wraps duct tape over her mouth & around her head to secure the panties in her mouth & to make sure that she stops talking. Londyn struggles & finds her way down to the floor where the witch takes more rope & arches her up into a tight, strict hogtie. Londyn winces & whimpers in pain, but the witch just laughs & makes fun of her. The clip ends with Londyn struggling to get free on the floor.


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