Irene Silver... A Sissy's Revenge

11 photos; 11:23 video


starring Irene Silver

Bondage, Rope Bondage, POV, Mouth Stuffing, Panty Gag, Vet Wrap Gag, Boot Fetish


Irene Silver has one of her sissy clients (POV) in for a session, and he begins to become unusually defiant. Irene reprimands him for wearing the wrong color panties, and tells him that if he doesn't start behaving that she's not going to give him his spankings today. The client begins to throw a fit & removes his light pink satin panties. Irene orders him to put them back on, and he stuffs his sissy panties right into her mouth.

The next scene opens up with Irene tied up with rope & tapegagged with vet wrap with the satin panties still in her mouth. She screams angrily through her gag & struggles ferociously trying to get out of her binds. She manages to work the vet wrap off of her mouth, and angrily spits out the panties. Now free of her gag, she demands the POV to untie her.


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