Slyyy... Detective Taped & Vibed By Escaped Convict

6 photos; 30:59 video


starring Nyxon & Slyyy

Bondage, Tape Bondage, Tapegagged, Duct Tape, Struggling, Bound Orgasms, Big Tits, Lesbian, Handcuffs, Hand Over Mouth


*this is a custom clip

Slyyy is a detective coming home after a bad date. She doesn't know that a convict that she busted, Nyxon, has just escaped prison & is in her house waiting for her. Slyyy walks into her living room, and her cell phone rings. She is told that Nyxon has escaped & she offers to look for her. The person on the other end tells her to rest tonight & to stay safe. Slyyy hangs up the phone & thinks about getting her weapon, when Nyxon steps out of the shadows revealing herself. She points her weapon at Slyyy & tosses her a pair of cuffs, telling her to put them on. Slyyy reluctantly cuffs herself with her hands in front. Nyxon orders Slyyy to turn around & begins wrapping duct tape around her body & wrists, making her hands & arms stuck in one place. She makes Slyyy sit on her couch where Nyxon begins toying with her, teasing her, fondling her. Slyyy realizes that Nyxon wants her & begins flirting subtly. Nyxon pulls down Slyyy's top, revealing her huge tits, and starts to give her shoulders a massage. Suddenly, Nyxon places her hands over Slyyy's mouth causing Slyyy's eyes to go wide.

The next scene starts out with Slyyy fully nude & taped tightly to a chair with her hands cuffed behind her. A small cordless vibrator is tied to her thigh. Nyxon teases Slyyy a bit more as she struggles, then reaches over to turn the vibrator on "high". Slyyy moans as the vibe does it's thing, and Nyxon walks away for a moment while Slyyy enjoys her predicament. After a few minutes, Nyxon walks back into the room & advises Slyyy that she's coming home with her to be her new live-in sex slave.

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