Nyxon Whitney & GiGi... Thief Double Crossed By Accomplice

27:00 video


starring Nyxon, Whitney Morgan & MILF GiGi

Bondage, Rope Bondage, Mouth Stuffing, Cleave Gag, Tape Gag, Layered Gag, Onscreen Gag, Pantyhose, Satin Panties, Foot Worship, Hand Over Mouth, Hogtie


*this is a custom clip

A thief, Nyxon, walks into a house to steal some valuables. While searching around, she hears the front door open & the home owner (Whitney Morgan) come home. Nyxon quickly hides, and when Whitney walks into the kitchen, she ambushes her with a hand over her mouth. Now that Whitney is subdued, Nyxon can get to work. When Whitney opens her eyes, she realizes that she's tied up & starts to scream. Not wanting to draw attention to what's going on, Nyxon quickly shuts Whitney up with a white stain cleave gag. Next, Nyxon lifts Whitney onto her feet & demands that she start jumping around for her amusement. After a good laugh, Nyxon places her hand over Whitney's mouth & drags her into the living room.

The next scene opens up with Whitney tied on the couch topless & wearing only pantyhose. Nyxon breaks open the toes of Whitney's nylons & discovers that her feet are filthy. She picks up a cane & does a little bastinado punishment to teach Whitney a lesson. After the punishment, Nyxon grabs some paper towels & cleans off Whitney's feet. Then, Nyxon takes off her boots & compares her feet to Whitney's. She begins to lick Whitney's feet, getting her soles nice & soaked. Nyxon then gets up, goes into Whitney's bedroom, gathers up all of her sandals, & tries them on Whitney's feet to see which ones she likes the best. After deciding on a pair of white flip flops, Nyxon tapes them onto Whitney's feet with thick black electrical tape. Whitney screams in protest, and Nyxon stuffs a large pair of satin panties into Whitney's mouth & secures it shut by wrapping clear tape around her head. Not satisfied with just the clear tape, Nyxon grabs some microfoam tape & some black electrical tape & layers it onto Whitney's gag.

Nyxon goes to leave, and gets a call on her cell phone. Her accomplice (GiGi) is outside & ready to help her haul the loot away. Nyxon lets her in, and as she's inspecting Whitney's tie, she punches Nyxon in the head causing her to fall back onto the couch. The final scene has both Nyxon & Whitney stripped & wearing only satin panties and hogtied in the living room. GiGi gathers up all of the loot & leaves the two ladies to struggle.

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