Sadie Holmes... More Money More Rope Problems

17:45 video


starring Nyxon & Sadie Holmes

Bondage, Rope Bondage, Struggling, Onscreen Tie, Ballgag, Mouth Stuffing, Tape Gag, Onscreen Gag, Gag Change, Stockings, Garter Belt


Nyxon was sitting at the bar when a woman (Sadie Holmes) sits down next to her & starts telling her her sob story. She tells Nyxon how she just lost her job, and that she's afraid she's going to get evicted because she can't pay her rent. Nyxon looks the young lady up & down, and tells her that she knows of a way that she can make some quick money. Desperate & willing to do just about anything, Sadie agrees to go home with Nyxon & to start the ball rolling on this new cash scheme. Nyxon buys them a round of drinks, and soon after Sadie is stumbling into Nyxon's living room. Nyxon explains to her that she knows of some men who will pay good money for pictures of Sadie posing with some rope. Seems easy enough, and Sadie lets Nyxon tie some rope on her. It's a little tight for her liking, but she smiles through it as Nyxon takes a few pics with her phone. Nyxon tells her that the men usually like a little more rope, and that they'll pay more money for more rope tied around her. Sadie reluctantly agrees, and Nyxon adds a crotch rope & ties Sadie's legs tightly together. Sadie is starting to get suspicious, and once again complains to Nyxon about the tightness of the ropes. Nyxon tells her not to think about that, but to think about how much money she'll be taking home with her. She grabs Sadie's elbows & ties them tightly together, then secures her wrists behind her back. Panicked & knowing that something isn't right, Sadie demands to be let go. Nyxon tells her that they've come too far to turn back now, and that the men won't pay if she unties her. Sadie starts bitching at Nyxon, but Nyxon shoves a ballgag into her mouth, pulling the strap nice & tight. She tells Sadie that she's going to call the men & tell them that Sadie's ready for transport. Sadie freaks out & begins to struggle to get free, but the ropes are too tight. She rolls onto the floor, desperately trying to untie herself before the men arrive to take her away, but when Nyxon comes back into the room, she just laughs at her. She sits Sadie back up & tells her that the men don't like it when the women scream. She then removes Sadie's ballgag, shoves a rag into her large mouth, and wraps duct tape around her head to muffle her screams. She then leaves Sadie to struggle on the floor until the men arrive to take her away to her new home.


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