Nyxon... Pin-Up Predicament Plus Tap Out

19 photos; 24:15 video


starring Nyxon & Shinybound

Bondage, Struggle, Predicament Bondage, Onscreen Tie, Onscreen Gag, Untying, Ungagging, Girdle, Satin Panties, Stockings, Ballgag


The clip starts out with Nyxon wearing a vintage buttless girdle with a pair of purple sating panties under it, a black sating bullet bra, full fashioned stockings & strappy high heels. Shinybound rigs her in a tight chest harness, crotch rope, elbow tie, ankle tie, and then places a large red ballgag into her mouth. He helps her down onto the floor where he finishes the ties around her body. Then, the tightly ties her off to various tie points on the floor. By this time, Nyxon has been in the excruciatingly tight bondage for quite some time, and is showing signs of distress. Always being the "tough girl" who doesn't like to tap, she perseveres & does a bit of struggling & moaning in her tight predicament. Suddenly, not able to handle the pain any longer, she starts shaking her head & clapping her hands together to signal that she's tapping out. From behind the camera, Shiny asks her if she's finished, and Nyxon rapidly shakes her head yes. Shiny then records himself untying Nyxon & removing her large gag.


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