Mikayla Miles... Victim Of Little Brother's Perverted Desires

31 photos; 15:17 video


starring Mikayla Miles

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Size 16 Feet, Barefoot, Progressive Tie, Spider Gag, Elbows Together, Hogtie, Toe Tie, Bikini


Mikayla has plans to go to the pool with her friends, but she has to watch her little brother until her mother comes home, first. Her brother (pov) approaches her & tells her he wants to play a game. Mikayla blows him off & tells him to go play outside, but he's insistent, so she tells him ok. He ties a rope around her knees (offscreen) & Mikayla humors him by doing a little struggle, but then tells him that she's done playing. Her brother insists on playing a little longer, so she lets him tie her ankles. She sighs, gives her brother a bored look, and tells him that she's done playing. Their mother will be home any minute & she needs to meet her friends at the pool. Her brother gives her an evil look, and before she knows it, Mikayla is tightly hogtied on the floor. Her elbows are slammed together & tightly tied, and there's a rope connected her big toes to the ropes around her chest. There's a spider gag in her mouth. Angry, she screams through the gag at her little brother, and struggles to get free.

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