Nyxon & Shiny... Spy vs Spy

6 photos; 16:25 video


starring Nyxon & ShinyBound

Bondage, Struggling, Damsel In Distress, Chairtie, Crotch Rope, Ballgag, Onscreen Gag, Sleep Fetish, Lingerie, Stockings


Agent Shiny has just returned home from an important mission, and begins uploading the top secret data to the company server. He's just about to make himself a martini, when the doorbell rings. Not expected anyone, he's immediately suspicious. He answers the door, and Nyxon is standing there. She tells him that his agency sent her to help him cool down after such a hot mission, but Agent Shiny knows better. He excuses himself to get them some drinks, and Nyxon ceases her opportunity to steal the top secret intel. As she's hacking into the system, she hears a hissing noise & suddenly a strange green gas fills the room. She coughs a bit, feels a bit woozy, then her eyes roll into the back of her head, and she falls back onto the couch limp. The gas clears, and Agent Shiny reappears & begins to get to work. He strips Nyxon (off screen) of her heels & fancy dress, leaving her in just her lingerie & stockings. When she comes to, she finds herself tightly tied to a chair, complete with brutal crotch rope. She yells out & begins to struggle to try & get free. Agent Shiny takes a metal ballgag, and shoves it deep into her mouth to keep her quiet. He then leaves her to struggle while he calls his "cleanup crew" to take care of her.

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