Diamondly & Little Red... European Nannies Tricked & Tied

14 photos; 13:37 video


starring Little Red & Diamondly

Bondage, Struggling, Babysitter, Progressive Tie, POV, Ballgags, Hemp Rope, Damsel In Distress, Barefoot


Swiss nanny Diamondly invites her friend Red over to spend the day, but when Red arrives, Diamondly's little charge won't give them any privacy. Diamondly tells him that he needs to go play outside, but the little guy is insistent that the two nannies entertain him. He holds up a piece of rope, and Diamondly rolls her eyes. Things didn't end well the last time she let him play with rope, and she's not about to get into that mess again. Red is curious about the game, though, and convinces Diamondly to humor the little guy. Diamondly reluctantly agrees, but only if he just ties their ankles. Of course, after their ankles are tied, it's not enough & he asks to put on more rope. The girls let him add another piece to their thighs, but then tell him that that's it, and he needs to go play outside. He adds the thigh rope, but then overpowers both girls & ties them tightly with every piece of hos rope. He even places ballgags in their mouths, and unbuttons their shirts to expose their tits. The girls are livid & struggle around on the floor trying to escape while the little bastard laughs at them.



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