MILF GiGi... Bitch Claims Adjuster Tied & Gagged

14 photos; 10:16 video


starring Nyxon & MILF GiGi

Bondage, Struggling, Hand Over Mouth, Ballgag, Onscreen Gag, Rope Bondage, HOM, Damsel In Distress, Pantyhose

Nyxon is so excited to get her insurance check from her accident, that she even put a down payment on a new luxury car. When her claims adjuster (MILF GiGi) comes to have her sign the paperwork, she informs Nyxon that the insurance company found the accident to be Nyxon's fault, and that she was going to owe money. Furious, Nyxon demands that GiGi fudge the paperwork in her favor, but GiGi is straight as an arrow & refuses to do it. Nyxon throws a tantrum, then grabs GiGi. She places her hand over GiGi's mouth & leaves it there until GiGi goes limp on the couch. When GiGi opens her eyes, she finds herself tied tightly with rope. Nyxon gives her one more chance to fudge the paperwork, and when GiGi still refuses, she places a ballgag into her mouth, pulling the strap tight. GiGi screams through the gag & starts to struggle. Nyxon just laughs & leaves GiGi there to struggle until she changes her mind.

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